Simon Sinek asks why?

Simon codifies the question with his Golden Circle based on three principles.  From the outside in, we have a layer of ‘What?’ The second layer is ‘How?’ The inner most layer, the most important layer is ‘Why?’  A three step process – simple!

Most businesses, most people start with their ‘what?’ What do we do? What do we make? What do we offer? What do we serve?  Invariably all their competitors are looking at the same set of  ’what?’

But people buy your why! What and how are secondary – functional attributes that we expect you to get right. They provide little in the way of a point of difference if dealt with in isolation to your why.

So the challenge, your daily challenge is to think about your why.  Why do you do what you do? People embrace your why!   They want it; they love it and they share it.

Your why puts the love in what you serve.  Like a chef cooking up a feast – others can serve food, but only a chef in true sync with his why can put love on a plate.  A little part of the chef’s why is with every dish, consumed in every bite.

So why do you plate your what?  Never stop asking.  It holds every answer, every solution and is sure to bring much success.