High Impact!

To get clear on your why you need to see it written before you.  Words bring about clarity; certainty of purpose; a high degree of transparency which inevitably leads to much authenticity.

By describing the essence of your why, your words will attract those you want to do business with.

Words have a high impact if used correctly.  They conjure a subjective yet conscious belief in and around your brand.  They produce an emotional response that can make your audience highly motivated; curious; aroused and trusting toward you and your offering.

So it makes perfect sense to spend some time working on the wording around your why.  This time will influence the mood, temperament and personality of those you transact with on a day to day basis.  It should see you working more with those who best suit your why, and working less with people who are best suited to seeking your services from another provider.

Words, if used correctly, allow you to send a clear and uncomplicated message.  Words – embrace and engage with them today to crystalise your why and to ensure a high impact with your target audience.